Welcome to Lenôtre Culinary Arts School Thailand!

We are committed to imparting to you the fundamental gestures and essential techniques that will make you an acknowledged professional.
To do this, you will live according to the pace of Maison Lenôtre during your course in order to become familiar with our production processes and secrets.
You will be an integral part of a demanding professional world. All our training courses are fully thought out through practice and repeated gestures.


"Learn by doing” is the credo of the Lenôtre culinary arts school, which favors the practice and experience of precise gestures. By choosing the certifying training course, our students live 7 months at the pace of Maison Lenôtre, immersed in the best chefs. At the heart of a gastronomic environment where the diversity of professions and workshops is a wealth, students in search of excellence acquire the fundamentals and quickly gain access to a high level of qualification.


Training Courses

You are a gastronomy professional and you wish to have access to advanced training courses? The Lenôtre school offers you adapted courses, from 1 to 5 days given at the Lenôtre vocational school in Plaisir.


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