(MOF Charcutier 1988 and MOF Cuisine 1996)
Lenôtre Creation Director

One of the best Meilleur ouvriers de France Charcutier Traiteur (Best French craftsmanship delicatessen caterer)
Nothing had predestined Guy Krenzer, Director of creation for Lenôtre, for such a path and career.
It’s by pure chance that Guy Krenzer randomly opens a book about 200 professions to page concerning the charcutier traiteur that the young north eastern French man (Alsace region) became the maestro of the Lenôtre brigade and sealed his destiny. Loaded with titles and prestigious diplomas, such as double title of best craftsmanship in Cuisine and Charcuterie, united duty companions (Compagnons des devoirs unis,) and Barista, Guy Krenzer remains a humble man who claims that his biggest success is his son Gabriel.

His sweet tooth?
Savoury terrine in crust

His talisman?
Always have a coffee bean in his pocket since his training with Gloria Montenegro at Paris Cafeotheque.

Daily routine?
Salute his smiling buddha statue every day

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    • Guy Krenzer perpetuates the unique know how of the founder Gaston Lenôtre.

      A complex role that requires the coordination of many disciplines (pastry, confectionary, chocolate, cuisine, delicatessen, ice cream, etc.) and constantly renews and creates the following collections.

      Awarded multiple prestigious titles, Guy Krenzer constantly builds up his experience in catering and pastries through working with high-end and prestigious companies and restaurants namely Deport, Peltier, Maximin, Le Ritz London, Le Fouquet’s, and Four Seasons. He loves to stay humble and remains more discreet than some of his colleagues.

      One anecdote after another, he always names his father as his mentor.

      His enthusiasm in his team’s members, regardless if they are expert or young apprentice, is one of his talents, which pushes him toward excellence and has been recognized in numerous competitions.

      Team work that is all he knows.

      He is combining kindness and extreme requirements, essential for the transmission of know-how.

      Apprenticeship has always remained the core engine and spirit of the Lenôtre company since its creation in 1957. Guy Krenzer states it clearly: creation takes its base on capture inspiration everywhere, and build by team work, including the young colleagues.
      Hailed as a respected guardian of French gastronomic tradition based on discipline and work precision, this 50-year-old man is a funny and warm-hearted person who wears Air Jordan sneakers to work, practices shiatsu, and is always amazed by the required precision of touch and technical issues from the Chinese traditional medicine.

      A young man from Strasbourg city who is gifted for art and technical studies has chosen to write his own path. He starts the delicatessen career by opportunity.

      Though his labor and his interaction with numerous passionate Chefs, he develops the taste for excellence and the love of the work. He is as a good Delicatessen Chef (MOF 1988) as a Cuisine Chef (MOF 1996,) - two disciplines that he doesn’t dissociate from pastry.

      He never stops learning. His latest achievement has made him a certified barista and professional coffee roaster after have been trained at the cafeotheque in Paris, forging a passion for creating coffee desserts.

      Even when reaching excellence, Guy Krenzer is a perpetual apprentice, young, and enthusiastic.


MOF Cuisinier 2000
Chef 3 stars Michelin Le Pre Catelan Restaurant

Frederic Anton achieves 2 stars and then 3 stars in the Michelin guide review in the Pre Catelan restaurant institution in the Bois de Boulogne area (Paris 16 th,) entrusted to him by Lenôtre 20 years ago.

Within the same year, this voluntary and skillful chef is recognized and awarded Meilleur Ouvriers de France Cuisine.

Consider as one of the most emblematic Chefs in his generation, chef Anton from Lorraine region is still convinced that good products do not require so much transformation. Relentlessly in search of new adventures, Frederic Anton appears on the front cover numerous times including successful author and judge for Master Chef on French TV channel.

He is essential ally with the collective, a man up to his ambition, in everything he undertakes.

He stays true to his ambitious career dreams and in everything he undertakes.

Persistently looking for new challenges, the insatiable chef has been overseeing all kitchen responsibilities of the Jules Vernes, Eiffel Tower, a one star Michelin restaurant, since July 2019.

His signature dishes?
Tomato in jelly, tomato mozzarella style, or marrow bone.

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    • Favourite ingredient?
      Langoustines (crayfish)

      A spice?
      The curry

      His word?
      Never mimic and mark his own territory.




(MOF Cuisine 2011)

Prior to overseeing all Lenôtre kitchen operations, Fabrice Brunet was awarded Meilleur ouvriers de France, and built up his experience in the Fouquet’s restaurant where he was chosen to showcase his cooking skills with a simple menu like “omelette,” the dish that brought him luck, but he confessed that he had a strong interest in Asian cuisine and fish recipes.

Ironically, the chef who has a sweet tooth for all things sweet can be a bit short-tempered sometimes.

Another particular sign?
A lord soul.

His favourite dish?
“Blanquette de veau” (veal stew in white cream sauce)

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    • What can we find in his refrigerator?
      Free-range chicken raised by his mother

      His ritual?
      Greeting Gaston Lenôtre portrait in the corridor before entering his office

      When Fabrice Brunet left his childhood in Mayenne Region to experience the high-end gastronomic world in Paris Fouquet’s, he had no ideas that he would become a famous chef and worked alongside Guy Krenzer who, years later, established a research and development department in Lenôtre.

      Fabrice Brunet admitted that he had a revelation after working with Lenôtre a few years later. Specialized in haute cuisine, he realized with joy that commitment and rigor derived from awarded Michelin star restaurants are vital.

      Today, he manages a research and creation team of 9.

      Innovative and creative with passion, he has been inspired by everything he did and everyone he met for the past 10 years.

      For Lenôtre, good ideas belong to all.

      In the culinary laboratory, his team test and research recipes daily.


(European Champion in Art of Sugar 2017)

A young pastry chef prodigy from Lenôtre, Fabien Emery was awarded European champion in sugar art category in 2017. He has a crush on sweets and is passionate about sugar.

I can’t resist a combination of vanilla and raspberry desserts that I call “perfection,” said the chef who always carries a thermometer in his pocket.

His motto?
Remain myself.

His signature in the kitchen?
The Ribbon

His fool proof dessert?
The “pastillage au sirop de sucre” lozenge, a sugar paste prepared to execute architectural desserts (wedding cakes)

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    • “To describe my journey, I was hooked on pastry from a very young age. After obtaining my diploma “CAP” in pastry, ice cream, chocolate, and candy making, I then pursued my dreams of becoming a pastry chef and continued with “specialization in Desserts a l’assiettre de prestige followed by another diploma in pastry (BTM), master technical of pastry,” said Fabian.

      “I had the opportunity to learn from great chefs like Stephane Glacier, MOF pastry chef, and I developed my interest in competitions and awards including:

      An honors diploma from “Les challenges des Ducs”

      Second place in artistic piece junior category bronze medal in regional selection at the “Olympiade des métiers de Bretagne,” national trophy in art sugar

      And Stephane Glacier 1st price (at Vannes chocolate exposition)

      The biggest success is the title of European champion for Art Sugar at SIHRA in Lyon in 2017.

      Fabian continued, “I have worked for Lenôtre since 2013. I started as a pastry chef supervisor and then joined the Creation R&D Department led by the chef Guy Krenzer. I am now part of the school team in the “Ecole Lenôtre Des Arts Culinaires.”



(MOF Cuisine 2011)
One of the Meilleur ouvriers de France Cuisine (best French craftsmanship)

One of the Meilleur ouvriers de France Cuisine (best French craftsmanship)

In charge of the brigade Cote d’Azure for Lenôtre, Eric Finon is passionate about Italian ingredients like zucchini flowers and olive oil plus all locally-sourced products.

Eric admits that he has a crush on all Mediterranean gastronomy, especially bouillabaisse and makes sure his wine cellar is always full of Chablis and his mom’s jams and preserves.

His secret ingredient in the kitchen?
A dash of olive oil.

A secret passion?
Coquillettes pasta, because it’s life.

A place to regenerate?
The Mediterranean country side.


(MOF Cuisine 2018)
One of the Meilleur ouvriers de France Cuisine (best French craftsmanship)

Before being nominated as a savoury chef creator, Fabrice Gendrier has worked in almost every department and position in Lenôtre. He recalls the kindness of his grandmother who organized meals for harvesters in the wine Domaine, and that moment fascinated him tremendously. Serving as Fabrice Brunet’s assistant, he learned from scratch starting from the kitchen and cared much about their friendship forged over the years.

His trade marque?
Potatoes (even if he confesses having a crush on cold chicken to enhance the flavor of a salad) This proves that this Meilleur ouvriers de France cuisine has the ability to keep simple things tasty.

His favourite?
A good ice cream.

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    • His secret weapon in the kitchen?
      A Japanese knife.

      His motto?
      Stay humble. Not have a big head.

      As Guy Krenzer’s loyal lieutenant, Fabrice Gendrier had worked closely with him for almost 20 years! For the first seven years at Saint-Clair caterer, they both worked side by side. He then moved to Lenôtre to work with Guy Krenzer for another 12 years. He is currently Fabrice Brunet ‘s assistant, who works as a creation chef for catering and famous MOF in the company.

      Born in Sologne region, Fabrice loved all things sweet as his grandmother’s attachment to sugar robbed off on him growing up. He realizes he’s got a pleasure of cooking.

      His talent has shined out gradually over the years as well as his exceptional mastery of noble cuisine.

      What inspires him in this line of work is the know-how and the legacy; that’s why working in a company with such a solid history makes all the sense to him. With the other chefs in the kitchen whom he calls “les copains,” roughly translated to “friends,” he carries with him an institution, an honour that one has to demonstrate daily with pride and a rigor that allows him to take the challenge for MOF.

      If it were only one dish?
      “All the dishes that you share with friends, especially the Parmentier! (Shepperd’s pie).” He also mentions “The floating island from my grandmother Paulette leaves all the house chefs wondering.”



MOF Pâtissier 2018

Jean Christophe Jeanson, a pastry Chef at Lenôtre and a spirit coach with kindness, is one of those Chefs who has the inner sacred fire for his profession. According to this Meilleur Ouvriers de France Pâtissier, there are no genes for gastronomy. He admits that his father’s restaurant business forged passion in him that finally turned into his profession.

His Specialty: Rhum Baba

Jean Christophe Jeanson confirms that the density of the dough is an essential key for this iconic dessert.

His signature dessert?
Le soleil citron (lemon sun,) desserts inspired from luxurious dinners in Versailles and King Louis the 14th.

His trade marque in the kitchen?
Le baba au Rhum

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    • His daily ritual?
      A square of chocolate every day all year round!

      He is 54 now and has been the pillar of the Lenôtre team for more than 15 years as well as the assistant of Guy Krenzer. Being a carpenter was his initial intention, but his father’s best friend, Jean Lebreton who owns 5 pastry shops, opened the door to a whole new world for Jeanson. He gained experience through working in an artisanal pastry shop in Paris where he met several passionate chefs who shared common values, gave confidence, and portrayed sincerity.

      But this restaurant owner’s son wanted at the beginning be a carpenter! it is finally with the help of his father’s best friend, Jean Lebreton, owner of 5 pastry shops, who help him to find his vocation for the sweets. followed by a full process of experiences in artisanal pastry shop in Paris area during which he will meet several passionate Chefs who will share with him the values, that are today his own: respect, confidence, sincerity. His conscientiousness and precision landed him the opportunity to work as a pastry chef at Raynier Marchetti caterer in 1990. He then got promoted to executive pastry chef in 1995 and worked there for 6 years.

      He joined the Lenôtre’s team with Guy Krenzer in 2003 serving as the head of the pastry department, the heart the Lenôtre’s heritage. He then worked as an assistant to Guy Krenzer and became the executive chef in 2006. Curious by nature, he mastered the ability to develop flavor profiles and learned aromas and textures.

      If it was one dessert?
      “le Baba au Rhum to share, because sharing is the essence of this profession”

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