Over 50 years since its creation, Lenôtre Culinary Arts School has embodied the passion for the passing on of knowledge that inspired its founder, Gaston Lenôtre. Generations after generations, our chefs have been driven by the desire to defend and promote the French gastronomic heritage. We share Maison Lenôtre’s know-how with our students and trainees, as well as the professionals who join us. Here, everyone’s background and dreams are respected.

Welcome to Lenôtre Culinary Arts School Thailand !

Our Pedagogical Team & Maison Lenôtre Chefs

“Learning by doing” was Gaston Lenôtre’s credo, and it’s still those chefs who share their knowledge
and expertise at the Lenôtre Culinary Arts School Thailand today.

Our Special Guests

We regulary invite renowned chefs to share their skills and expertise with teach our students.




Here we learn everything with our hands, eyes and head—from the use of raw materials to strict hygiene rules. The Lenôtre School is much more than just recipes: It is an ethos of taking pride in your work, a calling to pass on knowledge, and a sense of honor for being a hard worker.


Gaston Lenôtre

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