Pâtisserie Chef Diploma

Pâtisserie Chef Diploma

Our Pâtisserie Chef Diploma programme is intended for passionate professionals or anyone who wishes to change careers and become a Professional Chef Pâtissier. We offer a training period of 840 hours (approximately 7 months), with an intense focus on practicing pâtisserie products and repeating gestures. Teaching is provided in classes with a limited number of 12 students.

Given the intensity of this program, each candidate needs to be genuinely motivated by careers in cooking or gastronomy in general.

Structure of the Course

Duration: approximately 7 months. It is composed of 3 levels. The course will be conducted in English with Thai translation.

Level I:

L’Essentiel: 240 hours of training in fundamental pâtisserie recipes and techniques. 

Level II:

L’Incontournable: 280 hours of training in advanced pâtisserie recipes and techniques.

Level III:

La Maîtrise: 320 hours of developing a range of modern and refined pâtisseries + 160 hours (minimum) of internship

The examination will be taken at each level, with both theoretical and practical parts. To progress to the next level, you must pass the exam. After completing an internship at the Lenôtre workplaces or in establishments chosen by the school, you must submit a written report within 1 week.

The Prerequisites

Our Strengths

How to Apply

If you are interested in this training, please send us the documents below:

Once all documents have been submitted successfully, the interview will begin in person or online to evaluate motivation before starting a programme.

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