Bread fantasy weekend / with Pierre Saucès national French & European champion baker

8th to 9th June 2024 / 6th to 7th July 2024

9:00 to 16:30

16,900 THB

  • Class Session:            2 days weekend class / 2 sessions /  morning / afternoon
  • Instructor level:         French national champion 2022 & European Champion 2023
  • Lunch:                         Included
  • Total hours:                13 hours
  • Delivery Language:   English with Thai translation
  • Age:                            18 years old minimum
  • Suitable for:               Amateurs
  • Accomplishment:       Lenôtre certificate of attendance
  • Student per class:      Maximum 12


The 2 days baking arts program is designed to provide participants with the solid fundation and comprehensive knowledge with a  hands-on experience in the art of baking tzhe most popular bread types in KOREA. This program is suitable for both beginners & experienced bakers looking to enhance their skills & techniques, with our titled baker chef Pierre Saucès. Making viennoiserie takes a minimum of 2 days to start from raw product to finished product, overviewing the all the diferent steps : perfect kneeding, and secrets behing prooving leavened dought at its best.



  1. Learn by practicing all  basic bread techniques: kneeding, proving, dividing, shaping, fermenting to cooking.
  2. Learn how to troubleshoot common  baking issues & achieve consistent, high-quality results.
  3. Learn about leaven to make sourdough bread and how to refresh it properly on daily basis.
  4. 100% learning by doing following all steps.


  • Bretzel (plain, cream cheese)
  • Salt bread (plain and cheese)
  • Slice bread (pain de mie)
  • Bagel
  • Ciabatta (plainand Olive)
  • Sausage roll
  • Laugen croissant

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