Petits Gâteaux

21 June 2024

9.00 to 12.00 - 13.00 to 16.00

9,200 THB

Class Session:             1 day class /  2 sessions / morning /  afternoon

Lunch:                           Included

Total hours:                   6 hours

Delivery Language:     English with Thai translation

Age:                             18 years old minimum

Suitable for:                 Amateurs

Accomplishment:         Lenôtre certificate of attendance

Student per class:        Maximum 12



  • Irish coffee cake
  • Bounty cake


During this course you will discover all the meticulous details involved in  making two technical recipes. The Irish coffee petit gâteaux involving the preparation of a pecan honey biscuit, and Irish coffee cream and a delicate chocolate mousse. A bounty cake prepared with a soft coconut biscuit, a coco insert and a milky chocolate mousse.


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